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Shingle vs Metal

Why Shingle Roofs Beat Metal Roofs for Central Ohio Residents

Without a doubt, central Ohio can be one of the rainiest parts of the country this side of Seattle. On top of that, frigid temperatures and ice storms help to do a number on roofs throughout the state. As appealing as metal roofs can be in some cases, shingle roofs trump them for these reasons and many more.

They’re Cheap to Install
There’s a reason why asphalt-based shingle roofs are so popular: they’re the most affordable way to seal off any given home. Typical shingle swatches of 100 square feet cost about $100 at most and will last 25 years if properly maintained. Even with labor costs factored in, shingles are the least expensive option.

They’re Easy to Maintain
If a leak appears in a shingle roof for whatever reason, it’s easy to solve. Metal roofs with serious problems require expensive solutions. Shingle roofs can be fixed as needed in a patchwork fashion without compromising the integrity of the rest of the roof. As such, they’re pretty hassle-free as far as roofs go.

They’re Quieter than Most
The big downside of metal roofs that nobody mentions is the fact that they’re often quite noisy. A good asphalt or even cedar shingle roof is pretty quiet in rainstorms and blizzards alike. Shingles made from a moderately compressible material prevent squeaks and creaks in a way that metal simply can’t even when installed flawlessly.

They Give You Many Options
Shingles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. As such, they can grace a home of any kind with the exact look that the owner desires. Metal roofs only allow a homeowner to decide on a paint color and that’s about it. If you want a roof to be versatile, shingles are the way to go.

They Fit in with the Crowd
Metal roofs generally look good on farmhouses but don’t really blend in if you live in a suburban or urban area. Asphalt, wood and stone shingles can work with any aesthetic scheme so that a house doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in a homogeneous neighborhood.

It’s All in the Execution
When all is said and done, a roof is only as good as the people installing it. Whether you need a spot repair or a completely new installation, make sure that you have peerless professionals on the job. They’ll guarantee that your shingle roof performs admirably for decades to come.