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Dublin, Ohio Roof Lead Detection

Roof leak button for home pageWhy call Roof Medic if your homes roof has a leak in Dublin, Ohio?

One of the last things any homeowner enjoys seeing is the dripping from the ceiling caused by a leak in the roof. Roof leaks are inconvenient, worrisome and potentially expensive to fix. They can also lead to significant water damage as well as mold growth inside the home. Finding a reliable roofing company to help solve the problem quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively can be a daunting task.

Roof Medic, a roofing repair contractor in Dublin Ohio, specializes in residential roof services. The company has more than 20 years of experience in replacing and repairing roofs as well as detecting leaks. Fully licensed, insured and accredited by the BBB, the organization provides its customers with services ranging from finding initial leaks through disposal and clean-up of old roofing material.

This family owned-and-operated company prides itself on serving its customers with a high level of truth and integrity. With its motto “Get the TRUTH about your ROOF!”, Roof Medic has become an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

Repair professionals at Roof Medic bring years of experience in roof repair to their customers. The company provides extensive training to ensure that roof repair workers can handle a wide variety of roofing issues. As a GAF Certified Contractor, this roofing repair contractor in Dublin Ohio uses only high quality materials to ensure that repairs and new roofs will last through many years.

When installing a new roof, Roof Medic will protect a customer’s gutters with ladder stabilizers and install drip edges along the roof to ensure quality. The company provides a refuse container, placing it where it will not cause damage on the customer’s property, and efficient removes all old roofing materials. Roof Medic will protect a customer’s yard and landscape from damage during the project. Although Roof Medic tries to complete repairs and installations as quickly and efficiently as possible, the company takes care to cover exposed areas with tarps in case of bad weather during the job. All new roofs come with a warranty and are typically installed in one-day.

The organization provides the customer with the best options for locating a hard-to-find leak, fixing a current roof or providing a fair assessment for replacement. In addition, Roof Medic provides siding and gutter services in Dublin Ohio.