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Ice Storm Damage

Ohio experiences severe winter conditions, including ice storms that can cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Addressing ice storm roof damage is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your property and protect it from further damage.

Types of Ice Storm Roof Damage

Ice dams

Ice dams form when snow on a roof melts, runs down the slope, and refreezes at the edge, preventing water from draining properly. This can cause water to pool on the roof and eventually seep under the shingles, leading to leaks and water damage inside your home.

Icicle formation

Icicles might seem like a harmless winter decoration, but they can cause significant roof damage. When icicles become too heavy, they can pull gutters away from the roofline and create openings for water to infiltrate the structure.

Heavy snow load on the roof

A heavy accumulation of snow on a roof can cause the roof to sag or even collapse, especially in flat or low-slope roofs. The weight of the snow can also strain support structures, such as rafters and trusses.

Falling tree branches and debris

Ice storms can cause tree branches and other debris to fall onto your roof, damaging shingles and other roofing materials. Falling debris can also clog gutters, leading to water damage and ice dam formation.

Roof leaks and water damage

Leaks caused by ice dams, damaged shingles, or other factors can lead to significant water damage inside your home. The longer the roof leaks persist, the more extensive and expensive the water damage repairs will become.

Shingle and gutter damage

Ice storms can cause shingles to crack, warp, or become dislodged, exposing the roof deck to moisture and potentially leading to leaks. Gutters and downspouts can also be damaged by the weight of ice and snow, compromising their ability to drain water effectively.

Ice Storm Damage

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