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Leak Detection

Why call Roof Medic first to detect the source of my homes roof leak?

So you may be wondering why this site has a page for roof repair and a separate page for leak diagnosis? The answer is almost every roofing company does obvious roof repairs but very few can claim to be Central Ohio’s Roof Leak Specialist and few have the experience of tracking hard to find leaks. Many of our customers who have utilized this service have had several contractors out before us and may have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the problem. Many have even replaced their roof just to find out that they still have the leak. The truth is that its not always the roof. Their are dozens of reasons homes can have leaks not necessarily related to the roof. Gutters, siding, stucco, chimneys, and numerous humidity possibilities are just a few. If this describes you or you’d rather get it right the first time then contact us today and Get the Truth About Your Roof!

Detecting a roof leak is not always the easiest thing. Water can cause damage to both visible and invisible areas of the roof. Water damage can slowly develop, and to the untrained eye, it is almost always undetected in its earlier stages. Contacting Roof Medic to identify the source of roof leak will save the homeowner money by limiting the extent of the property damage. These professionals can identify vulnerabilities in the roofing that could eventually lead to leaks.

What are the signs of a roof leak?

Roof leaks become evident over time, and knowing what to look for is the first step in detecting a roof leak. Algae and mold growth is common during the warmer months. Shingles that appear to be buckling are a sure sign of roof damage. Curling shingles occur when too much water is absorbed in one area. Flashing damage can result in cracking on the top of the roof area. When shingles appear to be loose, roof damage can result when subjected to repeated stress. Sudden increases in utility costs could indicate that the roof is starting to have trouble optimizing the flow of air in the home. Missing shingles often caused by strong winds compromises the roof’s performance. Evidence of staining to the ceiling indicates that there may be water intrusion.

Benefits of a professional installation

Professional installation leaves the home safe when inclement weather arrives. If done correctly the first time, fewer repairs will be required later on down the line. The professional roofing install gives homeowners the option of reducing utility costs in offering an array of energy efficient roofing options available. A new roof will also prevent the homeowner from having to worry about extensive property damage caused by a vulnerable, leaky section. Getting the roof installed by a professional extends the life of the roof. A quality installation promotes longevity and energy efficiency while enhancing the overall safety of the property.

Roof Medic installers can detect and identify any weak areas in the roof that can lead to damage. A professional installer can make sure that the roof is properly installed the first time around. Preventing further property damage ensures that the homeowner no longer has to stress over frequent, future roofing repairs. The roofing installers at Roof Medic know how to identify the source of the leak before it becomes a major safety issue.